Great Explorations

The Tiree Lunch Club have gone exploring.
They have gone on Safari to the Mainland.
It is their annual expedition.

Waiting to board the ferry
Waiting to board the ferry

The 2016 Safari includes a visit to the famous Five Sisters Zoo.
It is one of Scotland’s premier wildlife attractions.
Watch out West Calder here they come!

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The Clansman arrived in Gott Bay to Blue Skies.
Our intrepid explorers would sail off into the sunshine.
What a contrast to the wind and rain of the previous evening.

Out on deck enjoying the sunshine

With a full minibus other members of the party arrived in their own vehicle.
With the sunshine dancing on the water the party members came out on deck.
If they had stayed out longer they would have required to splash on the suncream.

What excitement lies ahead in the next few days.
A few nights spent in a lodge on the mainland.
The much anticipated trip to the zoo.
A visit to a shopping centre.
And lots of laughter!

Leaving behind the surfing for a day or so
Leaving behind the surfing for a day or so

Can you just imagine what it will be like on the ferry.
Well you don’t have to think too long.
We had our own correspondent.

Our correspondent sent the following urgent message.
“Fun has started already … everyone supplied with a printed Goody Bag
full of useful drinks, foods, tissues, toothpaste, sweets…
even sick bowls for those who suffer!”

Watch out Mainland. Here we come!
Watch out Mainland. Here we come!

This is ‘Life on Tiree’
Sorry to be missing the Auction in An Talla.
No doubt news of the EXPEDITION will feature.
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