Tiree Welcomes Visitors

Tiree has lived lived up to its reputation as Scotland’s Sunshine Capital.
While the rest of the UK is sweltering, it is sunny and moderately warm here.
It is just right for our visitors to explore the island and see Tiree at its glorious best.

The Saga Pearl 11 from the Memorial in Pier Road, Scarinish
The Saga Pearl 11 from the Memorial in Pier Road, Scarinish

The day dawned sunny and calm.
After recent stormy weather is was a welcome sight.
This was especially appreciated with a trip to the Mainland this evening.
But who were the people walking up Pier Road with haversacks and walking poles?
Had we somehow missed the ferry?

A glance at Marine Traffic supplied the answer.
There was a cruise ship anchored  at the entrance to Gott Bay.
Considerably larger than the Mighty Clansman but small for a cruise ship.
This had to be seen, so camera in hand, it was off to the Memorial and then the pier.

Sun streaming across the waters of the Passage of Tiree.
Sun streaming across the waters of the Passage of Tiree.

By now the Tiree Ranger was making his way to the Pier.
Tenders/Launches were ferrying guests from the ship to shore.
Coaches were pressed into service taking visitors on an island tour.
And a tartan clad piper was piping visitors as they walked up the pier.
It was a member of the ship’s entertainment team – not someone from Tiree.

Saga describes the vessel as a modern, yacht-like small ship.
Saga Pearl II offers an informal and enjoyable way to cruise,
effortlessly taking you to a host of amazing destinations.
With no more than 449 passengers on board,
the atmosphere is relaxed and sociable,
and despite being small,
she still manages to pack in a surprising array of features.
She certainly looked impressive.

An anchor – but with the sun shining on the port side of the ship

The Saga Pearl 11 has sailed to St Kilda but guests were unable to land.
Intending to sail for Barra the ship sought refuge for 3 days in Belfast from the storms..
What a morning to waken up anchored off the beautiful Isle of Tiree.

The CalMac office was open.
The tenders/launches were arriving at the linkspan.
There was a gazebo placed at the head of the linkspan.
There was security fencing and a kilted security guard on duty!

Several small ribs were taking guests slowly around the bay.
How resplendent Gott Bay and Kirkapol looked in the warm sunshine.
The wind sock on the pier was almost hanging limp!

As the ship’s crew welcomed guests ashore with the aid of CalMac staff
our visitors had the long walk up the pier approach.
At least it was a walk in bright sunshine..

As the sun rose higher in the sky the vessel looked even more impressive.
As the day wore on  as predicted the ship swung at anchor with the tide.

The last tender is to depart the linkspan at 17:30.
Shortly after Saga Pearl 11 will continue on her cruise.
At 18:35 the MV Clansman is expected to berth at the Pier.
The plan is to enjoy our cruise on board the Clansman with its friendly crew.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ on the day the visitors arrived.
Another day of bright warm sunshine.

Saga Pearl 11
Saga Pearl 11