Sailing into the Sunset

The watch word today is the weather.
We didn’t experienced the high temperatures of the Mainland.
What we did enjoy on Tiree was a bright, warm, sunny Autumn day.

Saga Pearl 11
Saga Pearl 11


With cases packed we left in plenty of time for the pier office.
The first leg of our long journey south is by ferry to Oban.
After an overnight stay in the town we catch the train.
First to Glasgow, then on to Birmingham.
And finally to Thame, Oxfordshire.


We had a reason for our early start to the pier.
We wanted to see the departure of the Saga Pearl II.
Arriving off Tiree about 7:00am, it finally left about 6:15pm.



We were in time to witness the last tender sail out to the ship.
We could clearly see it being winched on board.
There was clear evidence she was about to sail.
As some would say, “Just look at that ‘clag’.”
Personally we thought dinner was burnt!


Unfortunately the ‘Clansman’ was late in arriving.
There was no opportunity to see them in close proximity.
As the ferry came alongside the pier we could see friendly faces.
Next time we see them, we will be doing the waving from the ferry.


Once on board we made our way to the Mariner’s Cafeteria.
There we enjoyed a freshly cooked and Scottish sourced meal.
The meal over we made our way to the Clansman’s stern and deck.


As the ferry steadily progressed up the Passage of Tiree the sun was setting.
We look back on Tiree with its recognisable landmark – the Golf Ball.
How different witnessing the sunset from the ship at sea.
The sun set over Tilley our island turbine.


Several passengers were out on the Clansman’s open deck.
Cameras and smartphones in hand photographing the sunset.
One passenger remarked that the moon had risen on the other side.

The hours of darkness have descended.
Already we are progressing steadily down the Sound of Mull.
What a joy to look back fondly as the sun set over our island home.

The sun setting over Tiree and Tilley

In just over an hour an a quarter we will step ashore in Oban.
It has been a smooth crossing enhanced by beautiful island scenery.
Thankfully our accommodation is only a few minutes from the ferry terminal.


Oban Bay

This is the joy of ‘Life on Tiree’