A Welcome Break

Today Tiree has experienced a welcome break in the weather.
No gusting winds! No sharp, shocks from intense showers!
Just bright sunshine and amazing cloud formations.
A welcome break indeed.

The Dutchman's Cap from Balemartine.
The Dutchman’s Cap from Balemartine.

With a young guest to entertain for the day
the three of us headed out for lunch to
the Farmhouse Cafe, Balemartine.

Suitably refreshed the next stop was An Talla for Sporty Tots.
One adult and one Sporty Tot remained at An Talla.
The other  adult went out to play.

Balephetrish (Gaelic Baile Pheadrais)
Balephetrish Bay (Gaelic Baile Pheadrais) on Tiree’s North Coast

Earlier in the day we had passed Balephetrish and enjoyed clear views of Rum and Eigg.
Rum was still visible clearly visible but clouds had taken away some of the clarity.
This was more than made up for by the rainbow which appeared.

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Turning to look inland a dark cloud enhanced the view of Kenovay.
The white houses stood out in the rise in the landscape.
Out to seablue sky – but behind Kenovay dark cloud.

The crofting township of Kenovay
The crofting township of Kenovay – note the smoke drifting up from the chimney!

Next stop was Loch Basapol.
This is where Wild Diamond’s primary waterbase is located.
From here there were views across the sun dappled loch to Tiree’s Ben Hynish.

The children were enjoying expending energy at Sporty Tots.
There was still time to continue on to Balevullin.
Would the Outer Hebrides be visible?
The rainbow certainly was!

There was to be no disappointment.
Thirty Miles distant yet clearly visible.
The Outer Hebrides lie to the North West.

Balevullin is a popular beach for surfing.
However, surfers are spoilt for choice on Tiree.
No matter which way the wind blows there is a convenient beach.

The Atlantic Ocean washes Tiree’s shores at Balevullin

Time to head back for An Talla and Sporty Tots.
But there’s that Loch Basapol again.
Must stop.

Turn right and head up and across the Moor Road.
There’s an adult and a Sporty Tot waiting for transport.
Yet the temptation to stop and photograph proves too great.
There on the right is the Golf Ball and to the left is Island House.

Thankfully back in time for our Sporty Tot.
We can head back to Scarinish and a welcome cup of coffee.
While they pop into the Co-Op there is Lunga and the Dutchman’s Cap.

Now for that cup of coffee.
And of course juice for untiring Sporty Tot.
This is ‘Life on Tiree’ on the day we enjoyed a welcome break.

One of the beaches at Scarinish
One of the beaches at Scarinish

Life on Tiree