Gala Day Blues

October 1st, 2016.
Tiree High School Gala Day.
The weather could not have been better.
Bright blue sky all day and it was warm for the occasion.

Looking across from Scarinish old harbour to the Paps of Jura

On Gala Day the neighbouring islands stood out so clearly.
Walking down from the Post Office to the old harbour
the Paps of Jura were framed by the harbour mouth.

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On a day such as we have enjoyed today,
neighbouring Hebridean islands can almost feel part of Tiree,
especially when you cannot see the sea which separates the various islands.
Driving across low lying Tiree the mountains of Mull can appear part of our island.
Viewed from the pier Rum was separate – viewed from the harbour nothing separated.

Looking across Brock and Ruaig towards the Rum Cuillin.
Looking across Brock and Ruaig towards the Rum Cuillin.

What a day it was turning out to be,
It was a warming, healthy, blue day.
It was uplifting.

The only rainbow in the sky was laid on by the island’s fire-brigade.
In a fun and entertaining way they were very much part of the Gala Day.
The volunteer crew put much hard work into their involvement in the event.

The Rainbow Effect
The Rainbow Effect

Mr Wilkes, the new headmaster, welcomed and thanked everyone.
Staff and pupils once again took to the stage to entertain.
It is indeed a great community occasion.

With hardly a cloud in the sky a colourful sunset was guaranteed.
As often is the case while sun sets in the west
the sky all around turns shades of red.

There's that island of Rum again.
There’s that island of Rum again – this time from Pier Road.

Houses and puddles reflected the glow of the setting sun.
As did the neighbouring islands.
What an evening!

In the distance Mull, in the foreground the sun reflected by white walls and puddles

Daylight hours are getting less and less.
The sun drops much, much quicker.
The gloamin’ is shorter.

The sun has dropped below the western horizon.
The glow is reflected to the East over Ben More on Mull
And to the south the effect is not lost on the Paps of Jura.

The East and the Isle of Mull

This is’ Life on Tiree’.
The forecast for tomorrow is sunshine.
Sunshine before the storm coming in late on Sunday evening.

The Paps of Jura
The Paps of Jura

Whatever the weather, sunshine or storm, God’s love remains constant.
Looking forward to meeting with the church family tomorrow.
Enjoying ‘Life on Tiree’.

The faithful love of the Lord never ends!
His mercies never cease.
Great is his faithfulness;
his mercies begin afresh each morning.

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