Seal Mates

What a bright, even warm, autumn day.
Sky and sea are magnificent shades of blue.
A day to take a walk along Balinoe (Soroby) Beach.

Walking down to the Beach the Paps of Jura stand out so clear on the horizon

As we walk down onto the beach
to our right is the crofting township of Balemartine,
and further along the coastline is the township of Mannal
while straight ahead, on the horizon are the distinctive Paps of Jura.

We walked from Soroby towards Crossapol.
As we walked we talked but always with a watchful eye.
Each beach on Tiree is distinctive and often you have it to yourself.
Today it was most enjoyable to walk it in the company of  a good friend.

Walking in a reflective manner
Walking in a reflective manner

Sanderlings scuttling about.
Gulls feeding on the shoreline.
White wind blown sand and blue sky.

Pools in the sand left by the tide.
Seaweed washed up on the beach.
Jelly fish stranded on the shore.

“Look! Over there! A seal!”
Then another, another, another.
It is as if the are watching us as we walk.
No! It’s more like they are following as we walk.

(Double-click to see the seals in larger pictures – look carefully)

There are soul mates and seal mates.
There more you look to sea the more you see.
You feel as if you could almost paddle in they are so close to shore.

On the rocks the seals blend in with their environment.
You have to look carefully to see them.
But what a rewarding sight.

It’s all right for the seals watching us!
Their evening meal is just a mouthful away.
It is so tempting to stay but we must travel for our meal.

A final glance at the waves lap on the shore
A final glance at the waves lap on the shore

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ on a beautiful autumn day.
An afternoon spent in the company of seal mates.