Tiree’s Classic Wave

Tiree is famous for its wave.
Car drivers wave, pedestrians wave, most people wave.
It has been said
“If you go off island and you are still waving at Connel be worried.
If you are still waving at Crianlarich you perhaps ought to seek help.”
However, the Isle of Tiree is equally famous for the waves that break on its shores.

The waves rolling yn at Crossapol
The waves rolling in at Crossapol

It was a feast for the eyes to drive from Heylipol to Crossapol.
Just past An Talla we caught sight of Crossapol beach.
Wave after wave was rolling in and up the beach.

Crossapol Beach and Bay
Crossapol Beach and Bay

Earlier in the afternoon we had passed along Balephetrish Bay
where the waves were gently lapping on the shoreline
on the side of the island directly facing the Atlantic.

A wave breaking at Crossapol
A wave breaking at Crossapol

The morning was dull and overcast with a hint of rain in the air.
However, after lunch, the sun broke through the clouds.
Sky and sea turned shades of blue.

The expanse of Crossapol beach

Crossapol Bay had lost none of its great charm:
Sky, dune, sand, sea and sail boards.
Brightly coloured sailboards.

Sail boards at Crossapol
Sail boards at Crossapol

Due to the MV Lord of the Isles deputising for the MV Clansman
and the volume of traffic bound for the Island today, Friday,
LOTI has made two heavily loaded crossings.

Sail boards at Crossapol
Sail boards at Crossapol

School holidays might be one reason.
The Tiree Wave Classic was probably a primary reason.
Surfers and their vans certainly rolled off the car deck today.

Action Time at Crossapol
Action Time at Crossapol

The 2016 Tiree Wave Classic commences on Saturday 15th of October.
It is a showcase for the best of the UK’s windsurfing talent.
Little wonder Friday’s ferry was so busy.

Action shot at Crossapol
Action shot at Crossapol

Wild Diamond Water sports based on the Isle of Tiree
has been sanctioned by the British Wave Sailing Association
to act as the official event hosts for the Tiree Wave Classic since 2015.

Crossapol is just one beach among the many to choose from
Crossapol is just one beach among the many to choose from

The weather looks promising for the coming week.
Keep on waving.

Tiree's Classic Wave
Tiree’s Classic Wave

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
Waving soon as we head off on the ferry.