For One Night Only

There’s Loch a Phuil, Loch Bhasapoll, Loch an Eilein, Loch a Chlair and Loch Riaghain. There are several more small lochs and lochens on the Isle of Tiree. This evening, for 1 night only, there is also Loch Alainn. This evening this Loch Class ferry crossed over from Barra to Tiree. (She normally sails between […]

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It is difficult not to talk about the weather. It’s November and yet the weather is so still. Out of 6 days thus far five of them have been calm. Only on 1 out of the 6 days have we had any significant wind. Add to that, the fact it has been bright and sunny […]

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An Talla was the venue, the date was Tuesday the 22nd of November and the occasion was the book launch of ‘Longships on the Sand’. The author is Dr John Holliday, who was the general medical practitioner on Tiree for thirty years. Graciously and humbly he informed his audience of the background to the book. […]


Magnificent Gott Bay

Traigh Mhor On Scotland’s West coast several places have the name Tràigh Mhòr. Here on the Isle of Tiree it is the closest beach to our home. It is translated as the ‘big beach’ – about 4 miles in length. Traigh Mhor is the big beach that encompasses Gott Bay. It runs from the Pier […]

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It’s November!

Black Friday when the sky frequently turned blank has given way to sunny Saturday and Sunday and what a delight both days have been. No wonder the sheep are sun bathing! Over the weekend the air has been remarkably still. There has hardly been a breath of wind. The temperature has been low. (5 °C dropping […]

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Black Friday

Today might well be described as Black Friday. We’ve not mistaken the date for the annual sales bonanza. We know this American shopping phenomenon is Friday 25th November. Fuelled by the internet it has come across the ‘pond’ to UK stores. But it is not this that is in mind. Friday the 18th of November […]

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It’s the morning following the evening of the Super-Moon. Cloud cover prevented seeing the moon rising. By 1:00am the clouds had dispersed. And the moon was clear to see. It was bright. It ushered in a beautiful November morning. Gone was the grey damp mist of the previous day. Instead there waa fleeting clouds with […]

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It is is Sunday. It is late afternoon. It is damp and grey. And darkness is rapidly descending. Two vehicles are parked outside the CalMac office. A vessel is lying at anchor in the bay just off the pier. Is there any connection between the vehicles and the vessel? One of the vehicles has connection […]

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The 14th of November 2016 is the date of the next super-moon. This is the closest the moon will have been to the earth since 1948. And it will be approximately 20 years until it appears this close again. The weather forecast hints at cloud cover for the 14th of November.. Thankfully there are clear […]

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Tiree Remembers

3:00pm Saturday, 12th November and Tiree pauses to remember and reflect in an act of remembrance at the Memorial, Pier Road. To remember those who have lived and died in the service of others in two world wars and in the many conflicts since then. To remember also those who today continue to suffer as a result […]

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