Winter Warmers

The Island has a wintry feel to it.
The Machair has long since died back.
The vegetation for the most is a dull green and brown.
However, the sky overhead has often proved to be a real winter warmer.

Te Dawn sky over the Scarinish Headland
The Dawn sky over the Scarinish Headland

Most mornings this past week,
we have drawn back the curtains to a colourful sunrise.
Yet, each one has been different – no two sunrises have been the same.

Thursday's offering
Thursday’s offering

It is just the way the weather has been,
but the sunsets have not matched the sunrises.
Often a dense layer of cloud has come in to mask the sunset.

Friday's Sunset
It appears as if the fields close to Scarinish have been set on fire by Friday’s sunset

Friday proved to be the exception.
Sunrise was a a damp squib even if it was bonfire night!
Sunset however was a great improvement, preparing for the evening’s events.

Looking south towards the Paps of Jura at sunset
Looking south towards the Paps of Jura at sunset

Throughout the week the clouds have often been dramatic.
Even when the sunset has been masked
the clouds have taken on a red hue.

Friday's wintry sunset over Scarinish
Friday’s wintry sunset over Scarinish

Saturday’s sunrise was no disappointment.
Would the weather hold for the visitors we were expecting.
The ferry from Oban was on a yellow alert due to the rising winds!

Saturday Special
Saturday Special

Breakfast Time!
The warm glow fills the lounge.
Outside the birds are enjoying breakfast too.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.