Historic Hynish

It’s Tuesday and it’s wet and windy.
What a contrast with Monday when it was sunny and calm.
After an early morning shower it turned out a beautiful November day.

You don’t need an excuse to go out for coffee and cake.
But with visitors staying we took the opportunity to go to Hynish.
We took advantage of the newly opened Hynish Cafe and the service was excellent.
There are comfortable surroundings, a good cuppa, and naturally a selection of cakes.

New Cafe at the Hynish Centre
New Cafe at the Hynish Centre

Outside the sun was shining and the sea was blue.
So we lingered taking photographs of the whole complex.
Thanks to the NLB and Alan Stevenson there is the Hynish Centre

Mouse-over for captions and double-click for larger pictures.

Considerable restoration and preservation work has gone on in the past.
Much still remains to be seen that is of historical interest.
A close inspection of the sight is worthwhile.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ at Historic Hynish.

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