It is is Sunday.
It is late afternoon.
It is damp and grey.
And darkness is rapidly descending.


Two vehicles are parked outside the CalMac office.
A vessel is lying at anchor in the bay just off the pier.
Is there any connection between the vehicles and the vessel?


One of the vehicles has connection with royalty.
What can this possibly mean?
It sounds serious.


The floor of the office is strewn with boxes, cabinets and cables.
What is happening at this hour on a Sunday afternoon?
Investigation reveals cctv is being installed.
But why?


Further investigation reveals it is being installed over the whole network.
The pier on the island of Coll has already been so equipped.
But why Tiree?


An improbable suggestion is put forward.
‘You have a problem with vandalism.’
Where has the rumour started?
It doesn’t sound like Tiree.


What other explanations could there be?
Are CalMac monitoring the condition of the pier?
Do CalMac want to watch the waves breaking over the pier?
Or is there some other more subversive reason for this intrusion?


Our pier staff are impressive – so it can’t be that.
Perhaps they know something about new appointments.
Perhaps they have been following Face-Tweet and feel it necessary?


For further information visit the pier office.
But be warned big brother is probably watching you.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ bringing the very latest conspiracy theory.