Ferry Good

On the Isle of Tiree you always have at least one eye on the weather.
The original plan was to cross to Oban on the Tuesday Ferry.
But winds were forecast to gust around 40mph on the day.
So the decision was made to travel a day earlier.

Monday turned out to be a great day to travel.
It began with another great sunrise over the Passage of Tiree.
Once again the Paps of Jura were radiant in the early morning sun.

The MV Clansman berthed right on time.
It was good to take in local landmarks
from a different vantage point –
the ferry’s upper decks.

Someone remarked,
“As a child I hated standing here.
As a child I never knew when I would return.”
Now that they were living on the island it was different.
They knew that they would returning – Tiree is now their home.

Someone else remarked,
“Imagine leaving on a sunny day like this.”
From the ferry neighbouring islands look different.
Today everything was bathed in sunshine even if it was cold.

The Passage of Tiree
The Passage of Tiree

The Pier Office on Coll has a distinct feature.
In case you didn’t hear the on board announcement
it carries a name board where it is written large, ‘COLL’.

As you look up the length of the link-span
There is a unusual feature that many miss.
It is a whale’s jaw bones.

MV Isle of Lewis
MV Isle of Lewis

In the Sound of Mull we sighted the MV Isle of Lewis.
She was bound for Castlebay on the Island of Barra.
She had earlier left from the Oban Ferry Terminal.
She cannot visit Tiree having too great a draught.

Lismore Lighthouse
Lismore Lighthouse

To starboard we caught sight of the MV Hebridean Isles.
She was berthed at Craignure on the Isle of Mull.
Later we would see her in Oban Bay.

As we entered Oban Bay the sun was setting.
Walking along Oban’ sea front bound for a coffee
It was interesting just how many people were pausing
to photograph a glorious sunset transforming sky and sea.

Oban Bay at Sunset
Oban Bay at Sunset

Although we had anticipated the alert,
after such a calm crossing and stunning sunset,
it did convince us that we had made the correct decision
when a few hours later the CalMac alert arrived on our phones

The Lismore ferry approaching her berth
The Lismore ferry approaching her berth

“Oban, Coll, Tiree.
Due to a forecast of winds gusting to 35 knots,
This service is at a heightened risk of disruption.”
Received 05/12/2016 @ 20:15

Sunset over Oban Bay
Sunset over Oban Bay

This is Life on Tiree.
Where ferry travel is part of island life.
Not just any island life – but life on Tiree.

The Clansman berthed for the night and testing the FRV
The Clansman berthed for the night and testing the FRV