Storm Barbara

Storm Barbara has been buffeting the island throughout the day.
As daylight began to appear the force of the wind began to rise.
This afternoon gusts were officially recorded at 70mph.

On the eve of the storm Balephetrish beach and bay

In the afternoon we headed west on a photo tour of the island.
The starting point was the CalMac pier at Gott Bay, Scarinish
Here a sudden gust whipped up the sheltered water to the west of the pier.

A sudden equal from the South west whips up the water
A sudden squall from the South west whips up the water

Then as quick as the sky had turned jet black than we had blue sky.
Nevertheless the waves kept relentlessly pounding into the bay.
No surprise then that Saturday’s ferry is cancelled.

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Next stop on our tour is the beach at Scarinish.

Then on to Crossapol bay and beach.
A lone individual is walking along the beach.
Surprisingly there are no surfers enjoying the waves.


This is followed by a brief stop to capture Soroby (Balinoe) beach and bay.

White water at Soroby beach and bay
White water at Soroby beach and bay

Lighting conditions for the most part were not ideal.
There were dark threatening skies with sudden short blasts of hail.
Next we headed to West Hynish and Balephuil where the Atlantic battered the island.

West Hynish and then Balephuil

Finally it is on to Hynish

Hynish with any hint of the sun gone.
Hynish with any hint of the sun gone.

At Balemartine we meet some ladies dressed for the weather.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

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