Thankfully Spared

Well! Did it snow on Tiree?
Unlike may parts of the country
Tiree was not covered by a blanket of snow.

Looking out first thing on a dusting of white . . .
Looking out first thing on a dusting of white . . .

We have had just a sprinkling of snow.
We have had several intense hail laden squalls.
They tried their hardest to impersonate snow but failed.
Nevertheless, it was exciting to wake up to a white dusting.

Looking across the whitish Machair towards the Lighthouse
Looking across the whitish Machair towards the Lighthouse

The weather forecast was for snow even down to sea-level.
Certainly the snow on Gott Bay proved the forecasters right.
For at high water the sand was covered by a covering of snow.

Snow down to sea-level at Gott Bay
Snow down to sea-level at Gott Bay

Although it has been windy with frequent hail showers
it has not stopped us getting out for a walk
and what should we witness but –
a piece of Tiree history disappearing.

History disappearing before our eyes.

The piece of history in question was not destroyed by the wind.
It was carefully demolished by contractors.
Just what was that old shed close to the old harbour?
The shed that nestled in to the landscape down from the lighthouse.
Thanks to Frazer James MacInnes we have an answer

All that remains
All that remains

Frazer states that he believes,
It was owned by the northern lighthouse board ,
they took it away as it was rotten ,
used to be for spares for the light house.

January's full moon over Tiree
January’s full moon over Tiree

Thursday evening was the night of the latest full moon and bright it was.
Native Americans named January’s full moon as the wolf moon.
However, some tribes knew it as the snow moon
although this was the name commonly given to February’s full moon.

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January’s full moon has meant high and extremely low tides.
This has been clearly seen at both the pier and the harbour.

The sun has frequently made an appearance.
So have the clouds that have scurried across the sky.
At times this has led to some interesting cloud formations.
At other times the sun has been like a spotlight shining through the clouds.

Sunshine and Squalls
Sunshine and Squalls

Tiree has been spared some of the weather experienced by the Mainland.
We have not had to contend with lorries blowing over on bridges.
We had not had to rescue sports personalities from their cars.
Nor are we threatened by the risk of flooding.
We have much to be thankful for.

Sunshine and Squalls hurrying down south
From the lighthouse at Scarinish, Sunshine and Squalls hurrying down south

In the northerly wind it felt cold.
A brisk walk did not generate much heat.
But it is exhilarating being able to get out and enjoy the weather.

A fishing boat caught in the shafting sunlight

This a thankful ‘Life on Tiree’.