Pipped to the Post

The hour is late.
Midnight is drawing close.
Where is going to be the sunniest place in the UK?
On Saturday Tiree struck gold – we had top spot on the podium.

Official Met Office Figures

The Lodge Hotel Gott Bay at sundown
The Lodge Hotel Gott Bay at sundown

Saturday was like a summer’s day,
Well if you sat indoors and gazed outside.
Venture out and you knew by the cold it wasn’t summer.
It was Hebridean Winter Sunshine, bright blue but on the cold side.

Sundown on Ben Gott
Sundown on Ben Gott

From first light on Sunday the sun shone.
It proved to be an another day of Hebridean Winter Sunshine.
In fact if anything Sunday felt just a touch warmer.
Although the sunset was a disappointment.
It was not nearly as impressive as the day before.

Looking across Gott Bay
Looking across Gott Bay

The result is in for Sunday and Tiree has been pipped to the post.
Lerwick on Shetland had 7.9 hours while Tiree had  7.1 hours.
The sunniest place in Strathclyde but not the UK.
There has to be  a runner up.

Sunday's almost full moon.
Sunday’s almost full moon.

Well the result is in and it is past midnight.
A new day! A New start!
This is Life on Tiree.