Chocolate Swirl

Earlier in the day a rainbow arched over Gott Bay.
Sadly the rainbow was not quite complete.
The top of the arch was missing.


Thursday’s Rainbow over Gott Bay

As the rainbow suggests it was a day of mixed weather.
However, as evening approached we were afforded a grand sunset.
Close to home is Tiree’s Pier at Gott Bay and a good place to view the wonder.

Thursday's sunset from Tiree's Pier
Thursday’s sunset from Tiree’s Pier

Suddenly the sound of an approaching aircraft could be heard.
It was the distinctive sound of Loganair’s Twin Otter.
It was inbound with this evening’s flight.

Loganair’s Twin Otter flying over Tiree’s Pier

It was if the plane was dropping into the path of the setting sun.
Tiree’s Airport on the Reef lies to the west of the pier.
Over 30,000 feet above a jet was heading west.
Below it a Chocolate Swirl.

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A Chocolate Swirl of a Sunset.
It makes you think of an old advert for a brand of chocolate.

A jet flys high over the setting sun
A jet soars high over the setting sun

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