Weather Outlook

Today many parts of the United kingdom are experiencing stormy conditions.
High winds and driving snow are affecting roads and railways.
Trees have been brought down and schools closed.
Sadly it has even resulted in the loss of life.
(Storm Doris)

Looking from Scarinish to the Golf Ball on top of Ben Hynish. Notice the trees!
Looking from Scarinish to the Golf Ball on top of Ben Hynish. Notice the trees!

How different on the Isle of Tiree.
There is a stiff, cold breeze from the north,
but at present we are sitting under blue skies.
However, rain is forecast for later in the afternoon.

Looking across the Passage of Tiree to the Dutchman's Cap and Mull
Looking across the Passage of Tiree to the Dutchman’s Cap and Mull

Across the Passage of Tiree the Isle of Mull is blanketed by snow.
Unusually the snow can be seen right down to sea-level.
What a backdrop for the ferry as it entered Gott Bay.
Tiree itself, however, remains snow free.

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This was the last we will see of the MV Clansman for several weeks.
This was her last sailing to Tiree before going for her annual overhaul.
From Saturday the much smaller vessel, the MV Hebridean Isles, takes over.
Instead of the usual crossing of 3 hours 50 minutes, it will be 4 hours 20 minutes!

It is said that the British are obsessed with the weather.
Certainly island life is very much influenced by the weather.
When the winds gust too high the school bus service is cancelled.
South Easterly winds gusting above 40mph generally disrupt the ferry.
This morning’s flight was cancelled due to the weather on the mainland.

Little wonder then that the weather is a frequent topic of conversation.
Little wonder that many avidly follow the weather forecast.
Some islanders have gone to work for the Met Office.

'Till we meet again!
‘Till we meet again!

Life and work goes on no matter the weather.
Some work in atrocious conditions.
We are most grateful.

We will miss you
We will miss you!

This is ‘Life on Tiree’
Looking out on the weather.
Enjoying the view towards Mull.
Thankful that at present we are snow free.

Sun, sky and sea
Sun, sky and sea