Countdown to Spring

This morning’s ferry brought with it the sunshine.
First thing in the morning it had been damp.
With the ‘Heb Isles’ came the sun.
And this evening it is still clear.
There is star after star
What a sight!

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The air was so clear and so were the views.
We were able to see island peaks over 50 miles away.
Tuesday was the last day of the meteorological winter
The 1st of March is the first day of the meteorological spring.

Depending upon which definition you use,
there are actually two different dates
that the mark the first day of spring.
1 March 2017 is the first day of the meteorological spring
20 March 2017 is the first day of the astronomical spring
For a good explanation of the different days see the explanation here.

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In the afternoon we had an errand to run
which took us to many of the crofting townships.
Yet, no matter where we were we could see Ben More on Mull.

Distant Mainland peaks, Ben More on Mull, the Paps of Jura, Rum —
all of them had a covering of snow that stood out in the sun.
It was a topic of island conversation.

Today the sheep around Scarinish gave us great pleasure.
They wander right across the township – virtually unhindered.
Often they run away whereas today they often posed for the camera.

Although not a spectacular sunset the sky was a delight.
Towering clouds took on the hues of the setting sun.
And now the stars are set in a black sky.

This is ‘Life on Tiree”.
Spring Time is surely on the way.


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