Swell Conditions

What a swell day for our morning constitutional.
The heavy showers had given way to deep blue skies.
On the days that the ferry sails our walk takes in the pier.
After watching the ferry depart we head up to Scarinish Harbour.

MV Hebridean Isles at the pier, Gott Bay, Scarinish
MV Hebridean Isles at the pier as blue sky begins to replace the dark shower clouds

To a casual glance the waters of Gott Bay were deceptively calm.
However, as the MV Hebridean Isles berthed the swell became obvious.
The crew were kept busy at the capstan as the ropes strained and relaxed.
The ferry will leave 2 hours early tomorrow because of the anticipated swell.

Blue sky and white spray at Scarinish
Blue sky and white spray at Scarinish

It is always impressive listening to the breakers rolling in at Scarinish.
We never tire of watching them rolling in and then breaking.
Wave after wave and every so often a big one.

SwellThe translucent waters
Swell – The translucent waters

What a privilege to live so close to the sea.
Today we thoroughly enjoyed the swell conditions.
It is just different when the storms blow in across the island.

As we go to leave the beach the flight from Glasgow makes its approach.
Without the telephoto lens at full stretch you realise how small the plane is.
The Loganair Twin Otter may be small but it provides a vital service to the island.

Loganair Twin Otter
Loganair Twin Otter in blue skies

This morning’s ferry was early today for operational reasons.
The plane was later today for operational reasons.
Tiree has to fit in with the tides at Barra.
At Barra the plane lands on the beach.

Sheep Ahoy
Sheep Ahoy

On Tiree the sheep get everywhere.
Garden fences are no barrier to a determined ewe.
Today it was not “Ship Ahoy” but “Sheep Ahoy!” at the harbour.

The Lighthouse at Scarinish Harbour
The Lighthouse at Scarinish Harbour

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ enjoying swell conditions;
taking one last look across to the harbour lighthouse.
It is lunch time!

Tuesday 7th March
Due to a forecast of strong southerly winds
and swell conditions
this service will be brought forward
and there will only be one stop at Coll.
The timetable will be:-
Depart Oban 05:15 (2 hours early)
Arrive Tiree 08:50  – Depart Tiree 09:10
Arrive Coll 10:15 – Depart Coll 10:30
Arrive Oban 13:30