An Alarming Alert

No! Not a weather alert.
Rather a social media alert.
“It has been 17 days since you lasted posted.”

Sunday’s Stunning Sunset looking towards Ben Gott

It is however not without cause.
We had temporarily been away from Tiree.
Our family had gifted us with a city break in Prague.
Although only visiting that city for 4 days we were away for longer.

A floodlit Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

When we did return to the island
life appeared much busier than normal.
For a start there were many photographs
to be organised and some posted elsewhere.

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Friday’s sunset over Bens Hough and Gott

We had left for the Mainland a day or two early.
This was to ensure we caught our flight in Edinburgh.
Returning, we had to ensure catching the flight to Tiree.

Prague has an estimated population of 1.5 million people.
Tiree has an approximate population of 650 people.
Prague is right at the heart of Europe.
Tiree is life on the edge of Europe.
Prague is landlocked.
Tiree is an island.
What a contrast!

For our six part Travel-Blog click on this link

Saturday’s sunset launched a 50th Anniversary celebration at An Talla

The Friday evening we returned to Tiree our flight was delayed.
Loganair had only 1 operational Twin Otter that day.
There were technical issues with the other plane.
Even our landing was not without concern.
Low cloud had closed in on the island.
The landing lights had to be visible.
Thankfully we landed.

Sunday’s sunset sees sea mist rolling in at Balemartine

After the following Monday the weather steadily improved.
It has been for the most part a week of sunshine.
What a great weekend we have experienced.
Sunday in particular was calm and warm.

Sunday’s sunset cast a purple glow across the island -this is Baugh

Over the weekend we have been treated to colourful sunsets.
Sunday’s sunset cast a red and purple glow across the sky.
On Sunday evening the view from Baugh was glorious.
Returning home the purple turned to deep red.

Sunday’s sunset looking across the Reef from Baugh

Much as we appreciated seeing the city of Prague by night
The dark skies of Tiree are a true wonder in themselves.
On clear nights our dark skies have countless stars.
And the more you look the more you see.

Sunday’s sun has set over Scarinish

Oh! It is good to be home.
But, It is going to be another busy week.
There are many community events taking place.
By the end of the week it will be the school’s Easter break.
Appropriately Friday sees the start of CalMac’s Summer Timetable.

Sunday’s sun has set over Ben Gott

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
We are back in business.
Back to auld claes and purridge!