Look Out!

Look Up!
Look Down!
Look Out! Look Around!
Take a good look all around!

The Sky Above

Look Up!
Stepping out this morning
the first thing that caught my attention
were the cloud formations high in the sky above.

The Memorial in Pier Road

The first observation were the clouds behind the memorial in Pier Road.
The whole day has been characterised by warm blue skies.
The various cloud formations only added character.

A small private plane recently taken off from Tiree Airport

Looking up a small private plane was overhead.
Once again the clouds provided a backdrop.
What a glorious day!

The Mighty Clansman approaching the Pier

Look Out!
The clouds provided a dramatic backdrop for the Mighty Clansman.
Looking out the water was so blue and unbelievably calm.
Looking out neighbouring islands were so clear.
Perhaps not so sharp as on some occasions.
Nevertheless a joy to behold.

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Looking out the Mighty Clansman appeared to be crippled.
She appeared to be reluctant to leave Gott Bay.
She seemed to be limping towards Coll.
Was she steaming on one engine?

The Rum Cuillin appears to belong to Tiree

Looking out it felt as if Tiree had a new mountain.
From the Lighthouse the Rum Cuillin looked part of Tiree.
There was no sense of the seas that separate the two islands.

No hurry! Let’s make the most of the sunshine and appreciate the view

Look Down!
The danger in looking up or out is that you accidentally trip.
It is important to look up and out, but equally so to look down.
Looking down we saw just how many daises the sun had brought out.

A daisy responding to Monday’s sunshine

Looking down we saw the colour flowers brought to the corner of a garden.
So many objects of great beauty lie at our feet.

A quiet corner of a garden in Scarinish

Looking down we see various birds flitting around.

Reminder to self.
“Keep your eyes open.
Look Up. Look Down. Look all around.
And importantly look at what lies near your feet.”

Scarinish harbour and Lighthouse

Look Around!
Looking around daffodils were responding to the sun.
Looking around they line the road in Scarinish.
Looking around they bring Spring colour.

Daffodils line the road

Look around. Take a look at Ben Hynish.
It stands proudly in the warm Spring sunshine.
There are even two or three of the few trees on Tiree in view.

Ben Hynish from Scarinish

Another Opportunity 
The time to stand, look and appreciate.
To look westwards across Gott Bay to where the sun had set.
Not as dramatic and colourful as Sunday’s sunset but still a joy to see.

The Creator’s Paintbox

To think we have the privilege of living where there are big skies.
To think we live so close to the waters of the Inner Hebrides.
This is ‘Life on Tiree’.