A Sad Fact

This morning’s brief walk up Pier Road and down to the harbour
then back across the Machair brought into focus
a sad fact of life – to island life in particular –
the death of a majestic sea creature.

Going down the brae to the harbour
the ranger’s van was parked at the bottom
with the ranger and another person on the sand.

Then I could clearly see what they were photographing.
They were collecting essential details in order to file a report.

The whale like creature had obviously been dead some time
and had had been washed ashore in the harbour,
no doubt to be later identified as to species.

The small whale like creature near the wreck of the Mary Stewart in Tiree Old Harbour

Somehow the weather seemed in sympathy.
After days of warm bright sunshine it was cold and grey.

Tiree Harbour when the sun was out on Monday

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

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