Enjoy the sunset.
From a previous post you may know
that the day began grey, cold and breezy,
made all the more grey in coming across a dead marine animal.

The day was not the most inspiring.
However come sunset – now around 8:00pm
what an amazing transformation in the sky above.

It was another Tiree special.
There were many different cloud formations.
It almost felt as if there was a mist in the distance.

In this instance the old saying was true.
‘A red sky at night is a shepherd’s delight.
For although first thing this morning there was a shower.
The day itself has been warm and bright with just a gentle breeze.

The sun has set and the sky is transformed over Ben Gott

CalMac only has two seasons in the year instead of the usual four..
Instead of Spring Summer, Autumn and Winer
CalMac only has Summer and Winter —

The end of CalMac’s Winter as the Clansman heads to sea from Tiree

Today marks the end of CalMac’s winter timetable.
Tomorrow, Friday, is the first day of CalMac’s Summer timetable.
From tomorrow we will have a sailing every day – weather permitting.

Blue sky and calm water end the Winter Timetable

The school Easter holidays begin on Friday
The island is gearing up for an influx of visitors.
It sounds like it will be a very busy ferry on Saturday morning.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.