Enjoyable Company

It was an evening’s walk on Tiree’s Atlantic facing coast.
A walk that was made all the more enjoyable by company.
A stroll that was enjoyed as the sun slowly set in the west.

The sun setting to the west of Kenovay

“Shall we go to Balephetrish or Gott Bay?”
Balephetrish won and so we headed to Tiree’s north coast.
We had no real distance to travel as we crossed from Scarinish.
By road it is just 4 miles – and much less as the crow (or oyster catcher) flies.

Oyster catchers and a seal

Passing Gott Bay on our road over we commented on the high tide.
We parked the car at the Kenovay end of the beach.
We were excited to see seals and oyster catchers.
With the tide in we hadn’t far to walk.
In a minute we were on the beach.

Are they just nosey?
Are seals naturally inquisitive?
Or do they enjoy having company?
They certainly seem to enjoy having company.
There is a considerable colony of seals in Balephetrish Bay.

With Oyster Catchers overhead the seals follow us along the beach

Watching the seals follow you along the beach is pleasurable.
This evening there seemed to be many enjoying the exercise.
Somehow we never seem to get bored of their company.
But it wasn’t the only company we enjoyed.

The air was still and the water calm – just gentle waves breaking on the shore

We had company.
A sporty car had drawn alongside our car
Next moment Hector, Joanne and Gordon Scott joined us.
However, Hector much preferred to run the length of the beach.
He wasn’t adversed to having a paddle but the rest of us refrained.

Mrs Life on Tiree, Joanne and Gordon – Hector had run off

There was no need to sing to the seals.
There was no need for someone to play the bagpipes.
Gordon is simply a natural when it comes to attracting the seals.

The new moon was out already

Turning to walk back towards the cars we caught sight of the new moon.
The setting sun had transformed the western sky.
The beach and sea mirroring it.

So peaceful and yet how the colours stir the senses

Setting out we had the company of the seals and oyster catchers.
But how enjoyable to share the experience with others.
“Thank you both for the pleasure of your company.”
“Thank you too Hector!”

Birds as silhouettes

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
Where friends simply drop by.
What a great end to a lovely evening.

“Good Night!”

“Good Night from the lovely Isle of Tiree.”