Flavour of the Month

April the First.
Sunshine and April Showers.
Today we have received the flavour of the month.

LoganAir Twin Otter

When this morning’s flight flew overhead there was low cloud.
In fact it felt as if the plane was disappearing into the mist.
Thankfully the plane managed to land.

The wreck of the Mary Stewart at Scarinish Harbour

As so often happens there was a shower when the ferry arrived.
The sky darkened as the ferry was berthing.
But the shower quickly passed.
And the sun came out!

With the sun out our arrival at Scarinish Old Harbour was perfect.
We arrived in time to see a small fishing boat heading out to sea.
It was the Oban Registered vessel OB526 – Navicula.

Looking good

With the tide retreating the harbour was looking good.
Blue sky, blue-green water and patterns on the sand.
The clouds making their own contribution.

Fishing boat in silvery seas

A traditional fishing boat was silhouetted in the silvery seas.
It had been out in the bay for most of the morning.
We could see it from our south facing window.

The postman delivering the mail

From the lighthouse we looked across the Machair.
It look so natural the white houses and the red post van.
(It felt like we were looking at the picture on a jigsaw puzzle)
And the postman had mail to deliver as the plane had landed this morning.

This evening looking west out of the window there was the sun setting.
No! I wouldn’t go down to the pier to photograph.
I couldn’t resist – it was too tempting!

Timing was perfect again.
Just in time to catch the sun setting.
And I wasn’t the only one there to catch the scene.
It was good to see a well known face with similar intentions.

The sun has set behind the Manse at Gott Bay

It is April the first, but it is no joke!
In April last year we woke one morning to a heavy snow fall.
So I guess today we have not quite had the full flavour of the month.

This evening’s moon captured from the pier

The sun has set and the moon is out.
It is time to say, “Good Night” from Tiree.
This is ‘Life on Tiree’ on Saturday the first of April.