We have nothing but admiration:
Admiration for Tiree’s courageous Pier Staff.
Admiration for the skipper and crew of the MV Clansman.

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The weather forecast was looking bleak for Monday’s sailing.
It was a statement and not a question.
“You will be here on Monday!”

The Clansman entering Gott Bay

On Sunday morning the alert duly arrived.
Oban-Coll-Tiree 03/04,
there is a heightened possibility
of disruption to service
due to forecasted high winds.
Would the crossing be cancelled on Monday morning?

Monday morning – almost unbelievably no cancellation.
Nevertheless there is an alert.
Oban- Coll- Tiree 03/04
There is a heightened possibility of disruption
to service due high winds, possibly one stop at Coll.

Marine Traffic’s Track of the MV Clansman at Coll

The MV Clansman certainly made its first visit to Coll.
It appears the vessel had to make about three attempts to berth.
The sailing down the Passage of Tiree could not have been smooth.

It was a consideration attempting to photograph the ferry.
Keep the camera dry! Stand steady in the gusting wind.
In the Passage of Tiree there is murk and the mist.

The Weather report from the Met Office

With the wind gusting to 43mph from the South
the Skipper cautiously made his approach
choosing to come across the roundhead
and then to bring in his stern.

Under the control of the Skipper the bridge is in charge

From Midship the bow ropes are thrown and caught first time.
You can hardly imagine standing on the roundhead
with winds gusting to over 40mph.

The Clansman’s thrusters have no problem today with wind or wave.
The stern ropes are thrown and caught.
Finally the stern ramp is lowered.

A watchful eye is kept on both the stern and bow ropes.
Significantly a ‘White Hat’ stands close to the ramp mechanism.
The vessel has to be prepared in case it has to make a hasty retreat.

Not quite high tide and swell conditions

There is no hanging around.
As soon as the vessel is loaded she is off.
Bow ropes are released and the heavy stern ropes hauled on to the pier.

No return to Coll – straight to Oban

The word from the bridge is unmistakable.
There will definitely be no return visit to Coll.
The text message arrives soon after.
Due to strong southerly winds
there will be no stop in at Coll
and the vessel has departed Tiree for Oban

As the vessel heads out to sea the waves crash over the bow and over the bridge

As you can see it is not always sunny on Tiree.
But you have to admire the courage and skill of all involved.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.