Not Quite The Full Moon

Almost, but not quite.
The next full moon is on Tuesday 11th April.
So Saturday’s moon was not quite the full moon.

The moon shining bright at midnight

At midnight the moon appeared so bright.
In fact it was so bright it caught our attention.
With the curtains not quite fully closed the light streamed in.

The moon above Tiree’s memorial in Pier Road

Earlier on in the evening the moon appeared above the memorial.
I had set out to catch the sunset over Gott Bay.
What I noticed was the moon.

It was not the most dramatic of sunsets.
It lacked the fiery drama we often witness.
There was not even a delightful chocolate swirl.

As the sun sets gulls sweep across the waters of the bay

Many customs make their way across the Atlantic
Likewise some weather systems come across that mighty ocean.
The naming of storms is one weather related custom to arrive on our shores.

With landing gear coming down the gulls prepare to come down on the water

Even more recently we have discovered another such custom.
It originated with the North American Indian population.
It is their long held custom to name full moons.

Not quite the full Paschal Moon

April’s full moon has been variously named:
Pink Moon, Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon
And this year it is also the first full moon of Spring

Sunday’s Sunrise over the headland at Scarinish

This year’s April full moon is known as the Paschal Full Moon.
The word ‘Paschal’ relates to the Jewish Passover feast.
Christians also use this word around Easter.
Jesus is God’s promised provision:
He is the Paschal Lamb.

The best of the sun so far today

We went to bed with the moon streaming into the bedroom.
We woke up to the sun streaming in through the curtains.
It was sunrise and the best glimpse of the sun today.
Perhaps we might yet see the sun set.

Sunday’s Sunrise.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.