Two Days – Two Beaches

Two days and two different beaches.
(Not that there are only two beaches on Tiree.)
On Tiree we are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches.

A busy Soroby / Balinoe Beach looking towards Crossapol point

Some people have a favourite beach.
Personally we find each beach to be different.
Each beach has its own distinctive characteristics.
And unlike some islands Tiree is surrounded by beaches.

Looking across Sorobaidh Bay towards Scarinish

At present our eldest son is here on holiday with us.
He has an affinity with the country of his birth.
He loves visiting the beautiful Isle of Tiree.
He first introduced us to the island.

Balinoe / Soroby Bech from Balemartine

After lunch with friends at the Cobbled Cow
We drove to Balinoe where we parked the car.
There we walked down on to Tràigh Shorobaidh.

Wild flowers with a grand outlook

Some refer to it as Soroby Beach, others call it Balinoe Beach.
This large expanse of sand lies between Crossapol Point and Balemartine.
The encompassing bay is Sorobaidh Bay, part of the much larger Hynish Bay.

Wild and colourful display at Balemartine

Unusually there were several people walking on the beach.
Not only that several young people were on ponies.
For Tiree this made the beach busy!

In full bloom outside the Farmhouse

The younger members of our group suggested we turn right.
This in turn took us towards the crofting town ship of Balemartine.
We could not believe it – turning the point we met even more people.

Out for a stroll

As we made our way up from the beach we came across wild flowers.
They added a splash of colour to an already colourful scene.
Guess where we ended up – the Farmhouse Cafe.
A relaxing time with coffee, tea, squash and cake.

A runabout hen at Balemartine – Eggs come ready salted

Refreshed we made our way back to our cars.
On the way we met some runabout hens.
The next day beach number two.
Which one will it be?
Got a clue?

Beach Two – have you Got a Clue?

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ spoilt for choice.

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