A Royal Occasion

With an onward journey from Glasgow for our son
we kept a watchful eye on the plane’s arrival time at Tiree
and thankfully its arrival and departure was according to schedule.

With our son safely away we had a relaxing cup of coffee.
After that it was to be lunch at Tiree Tots’ Easter Fayre.
The event certainly proved most popular.
And a good lunch it was!

The rainbow banner was out – who could be arriving?

A full arched rainbow spanned the Kenovay road.
We also observed it on the road to Heylipol.
Was it heralding a royal visitor?

A royal visitor – the Hebridean Princess

As we left for lunch at An Talla
we noticed an unusual mast at the pier.
Curiosity kindled we had to take a closer look.
It was the small luxury cruise ship called the ‘Hebridean Princess‘.

The Princess at the pier later in the afternoon.

On the way home from the Easter Fayre a message arrived.
it was the Pier Master advising of the presence of the Princess.
Grateful for the alert I made my way down to the pier late afternoon.

When the coach arrived back at the pier
and the last visitors were on board
the gangway was withdrawn
and the ropes cast.

The open bridge wings of the Hebridean Princess

The open bridge wings are a small reminder
that in a former life this luxury cruise ship
was once a humble car ferry.

With the ropes cast the vessel pulls out into Gott Bay

This former car ferry has been home to the Queen
when she comes north for her summer holidays
but for normal the ship tours Hebridean waters.

This evening under grey skies the Hebridean Princess lies at anchor.
She and her guests sit out in the waters of Gott Bay.
Tomorrow she will continue her cruise.

The Princess preparing to drop her anchor in Gott Bay

Your royal correspondent – ‘Life on Tiree’.