In Ben Hough’s Shadow

Once again we had occasion to make a delivery in the West End.
Our destination lay in the shadow of Ben Hough.
We we did not go as midwives or as a vet
We did however visit the nursery.

Mum and triplets

First of all we were introduced to a mum and her triplets.
The nursery was a fenced off area in the crofter’s garden.
It brought back memories of working as a midwife.
It was a real pleasure to see the lambs close up.

For the time being feeding on demand

It was amazing how the mother was coping with feeding the triplets.
Many farmers and crofters are not so keen on triplets.
The ewe has only two teats.

Our crofter friend explained that the triplets’ mother was fidgety.
Our presence was the unsettling factor.
‘They recognise strangers.’

A busy nursery – another mother had four lambs – with only two surviving

As the ‘Good Shepherd Jesus said of sheep,
“They won’t follow a stranger
but will run from him,
for they don’t recognize his voice.”
“My sheep recognize my voice,
and I know them, and they follow me.
I give them eternal life and they shall never perish.”
(See John’s Good News)

Driving about it is a pleasure to see all the lambs and calves.
But, it’s a busy time on the island for the crofters and vet.
Lambs and calves are not born 9 to 5.
It can be sleep depriving.

One proud mum

Mrs ‘Life-on-Tiree’ at the nursery in Ben Hough’s Shadow.