Jigsaw Pieces

It has been a day of fitting the various pieces of the Jigsaw together.
Under CalMac’s Summer Timetable Friday is an early sailing.
I had been asked to keep a look out for a house arriving.
There was uncertainty over the day.
– Either Friday or Saturday –

The pieces of the jigsaw arriving and to be fitted together next week

“Walk or take the car?”
It wasn’t pouring with rain but it wasn’t dry either.
In the end I choose to risk getting a thorough soaking.
Standing at the pier office there was the jigsaw arriving by lorry.
Next week work would commence on putting the pieces together at Ruaig.

Other pieces of the jigsaw included preparing for a busy weekend.
This meant sitting down in front of the computer.
It involved grocery shopping.
Coffee-breaks and meal-times are important.
They were enriched by feathered friends .
They contributed to the jigsaw.

Sundown behind Glebe House.

Exercise is important.
Walking is a one of our priorities.
This evening’s walk to the pier was at sunset.

An early visiting yacht in front of Kirkapol Guest House

There was a small yacht anchored in the bay.
Hopefully the owners will realise how far the tide goes out.
As we walked the length of the pier there was a chill to the breeze.

Sunset over Gott Bay

The clouds were hiding the sun’s fiery ball.
For Tiree it was not the most dramatic of sunsets.
So we began to walk from the pier and up Pier Road.

The Sunset close to the Steading

All of a sudden we saw the setting sun.
It was just about to drop below the horizon.
One minute it was there and moments later it was gone.

What a pleasant surprise

The golden globe was framed by the electric poles.
The sun has set and it is almost dark outside.
Today’s jigsaw is not yet completed.
There are still some pieces to fit.
But its is time to say:

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

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