One Dramatic Day

Winds forecast to gust to over 45mph.
Hail laden showers driven by the wind.
Bright blue sky and dark clouds.
One dramatic day.

The MV Clansman in Gott Bay

The ferry on an alert.
Possibility of only one stop at Coll.
Then the possibility of being unable to berth at Coll or Tiree.

The ferry sits rock solid at the pier

A school party is wanting to visit the Mainland.
The excitement of the cinema in Oban and a trip to Edinburgh.
The ferry berthed at Coll would it be able to berth here at Tiree.

The ferry pushes off stern first

In the ferry’s favour is the low tide.
The wind is gusting at over 40mph.
Positively the wind is from the NNW.

MV Clansman swings on the roundhead

In order to berth the ferry must turn to port through 180 degrees.
Having completed its manoeuvre gingerly it edges towards the pier.
The careful approach seems to take forever heightening the tension.

The ferry straddles the roundhead

Finally the ropes are thrown and the ferry berths.
Although the waters of the bay are choppy there is no swell.
Throughout its stay at the pier the MV Clansman sits rock steady.

The MV Clansman goes astern

With the wind from the NNW the skipper must take care departing.
First of all the thrusters are deployed and the stern pushes out.
The vessel then straddles the pier’s roundhead.
The ferry then goes carefully astern.
Then it heads out to sea.
Next stop Oban.

The ferry heads out to sea and directly to Oban

As the day unfolds the wind continues to gust over 40mph.
We have a friend due to arrive on the evening flight
Out of one window the sky is inky black.
In the other direction the sky is blue.
Will the plane be able to land?

The plane is late in leaving Glasgow International Airport.
Having begun to taxi it has to return to its stand.
Finally it is airborne.

The flight path takes the plane close to Scarinish

Crossing ‘The Reef’ we encounter a blinding hail shower.
Visibility is greatly reduced but hopefully it will pass quickly.
We say ‘goodbye’ to several hoping to fly on the evening flight.

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We spot the Twin Otter approaching from Scarinish.
Then the plane is making its final approach.
It is touches down and taxis.
Finally It is on the stand.

Our guest has arrived.
The welcome to Tiree is dramatic.
The sky is jet black, the sea is green.
The wind is gusting and laden with hail.

A dramatic arrival

One dramatic day on Tiree.
Tomorrow the forecast is for gusting winds.
Thankful we should see more blue sky than black.
This is ‘Life on Tiree’.