‘Come Fly With Me’

Come fly with me over Tiree.
This morning we fly over Baugh Beach.
What a transformation from the previous evening.

Baugh Beach – yesterday and today.

Yesterday evening the sky was inky black and the sea green.
This morning the sky was blue and the sea various shades of blue.
There is still a strong wind blowing and the ferry is on a yellow alert.
The wind was gusting just over 40mph which made walking exhilarating.

Shades of Blue on Baugh Beach – looking towards Ben Hynish

Mrs Life on Tiree was at ‘Seated Exercise’ at Baugh.
I was up off my seat for my exercise and out into the fresh air.
It was certainly challenging walking against the strong northerly wind.

A whole coral of white horses prancing in the bay – view to Hynish

On Baugh beach the tide was well out.
Against the dunes there was some shelter.
Closer to the water the wind was producing spindrift.

Spindrift forming in the northerly wind – view towards Crossapol House

The white horses in Hynish Bay were eye catching.
There was very little swell but the water was certainly choppy.
What grand views there were along the bay to Hynish and Balemartine.

The telephoto lens contracts the beach.
The shorter lens gives a better idea of the length of it.
To think this is just one of Tiree’s many shell sand beaches.

Baugh Beach at low tide

At your feet the sand was being blown across the beach.
Overhead the gulls were swooping and swirling.
They were making the most of the wind.

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In the dunes a float gave a splash of added colour.
How did the float land up so high?

A splash of colour

On the sand was a piece of half-buried sea weed.
It created an interesting pattern in the sand.

An interesting pattern in the sand

Looking back along the sand
Ben Hynish appeared to come right down to the beach.

When Balemartine and Ben Hynish reach across to Baugh

One last look out to sea before heading off the beach.
A silvery sky and sea.

A touch of silver

Off the beach and heading back to the car the wind was powerful.
Shreds of baling sacks were flying horizontally.
Lambs were snuggling into their mothers.

Flying High

Arriving home my eyes were drawn to the Isle of Mull.
There was evidence of yesterday’s snow on Ben More.
Thankfully Tiree is snow free.

Evidence of snow in a hazy view of Ben More

Today all kinds of debris was being caught up into the air.
Each piece appeared to say, “Come fly with me.”
The gulls screeched, “Come fly with me.”
Life on Tiree says, “Come fly with me.”
Tiree is the place to be.