West End Safari

With a visitor in residence
there are some places you must take them
and so this afternoon we headed to the West End.

I just love getting my photograph taken – I also enjoy traditional Scottish music

First we enjoyed lunch at the Farmhouse Cafe.
(Bright surroundings, great service and wholesome food.)
Then it was out to meet the bull-calf going to Stirling on May 1st.
All the best to the Armstrong Family.

Low tide at Hynish

The next stop was Hynish where the tide was well and truly out.
A look back along the shore to Manal is always rewarding.
Hynish Bay is one amazing bay.

Looking back from Hynish to Manal

We observed how advanced the plant life is at the West End.
On the pier and on the Machair there were bursts of colour.
Those running the 10k on Saturday are in for a treat.

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Back tracking to Balemartine we then headed across the island.
The aim was to visit the seal colony at West Hynish.
We have never yet been disappointed.
It had the wow factor today.

For the first time we made acquaintance with seal pups.
From the road the seals can easily be taken for rocks.
Many of their coats blend in with their surroundings.
The tide was out and you could get close up.
Again they were so inquisitive.

The Wow factor

A gull swooped overhead.
Were we getting too close to a nest?
Its cry caused some of the seals to slip into the water.

The backdrop to the seal colony is the Atlantic Ocean.
About 12 miles away on the horizon was Skerryvore Lighthouse.
This long skerry affords a measure of protection to the Isle of Tiree.

West Hynish wild flowers were out in abundance.
On the shore and by the roadside it was so colourful.

We once again crossed back over the island to Balinoe.
Parking the car we made our way onto the beach for a walk.
Runners for the 10K and half-marathon will start and finish on this beach.

Balinoe Beach

Suddenly we heard the approach of an aircraft.
It turned out to be an inbound air-ambulance flight.
Later we were to see the islander aircraft taking off from the airport.

Here at the East End we had an usual low bow of a rainbow.
From the pier it was clearly visible straddling Gott.
Here on Tiree east and west are best.

Low bow at Gott

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

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