Dancing Feet

I woke up this morning with dancing feet,
dancing feet, dancing feet.
I woke up this morning with dancing feet
and I danced all day long.
God made my feet – God made my toes
God made my fingers – God made my nose
God made my eyes so I can see
I’m glad that God made me.

The sun dancing over the sea at Crossapol

The words and tune are very catchy.
They are sung by the children at Mainly Music
A parent and toddler group organised by Tiree Baptist Church.

The ‘Paps of Jura’ from our window in Scarinish

This morning the sun over Tiree woke up with dancing feet.
From first light it has danced over the sea.
And it has danced all day long.
Over breakfast we exclaimed,
“Look at the Paps of Jura!”
They were so clear.

The Paps of Jura from Baugh

Every second Thursday ‘Coffee Pot’ pops up at Baugh.
It’s the place to be for Coffee, Cakes and Craic.
Once again a clear view of the ‘Paps of Jura’.

The Paps of Jura from Crossapol

Today is the day of the ‘Local Elections’
The island’s Polling Station is at An Talla, Crossapol.
On our way back we stopped to admire the view at Crossapol.

The azure blue waters at Crossapol beach

How the sun was dancing on the sea.
To the east we could see the Dutchman’s Cap.
Further East was Ben More and the Isle of Mull
To the south across the Passage of Tiree was the ‘Paps of Jura’.

The Dutchman’s Cap, Ben More and the Isle of Mull

Crossapol beach was washed by azure blue waters.
The waves were gentle as there is very little wind.
The temperature had risen to 15.6 °
In the sun it feels so, so warm.
(It may be cold to you!)

It could be the Bahamas – if it were just a touch warmer

Those on holiday on Tiree are having a week of sunshine.
The beaches are looking absolutely stunning.
The Machair is starting to bloom.

What lies round the next bend? – To be sure another beach!

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ enjoying a week of sunshine.