In Hushed Tones

There is a certain way they talk on natural history documentaries.
In hushed, almost reverent tones, the presenter speaks.
“It is 5:20am and I am slipping out of the house.
There is a stillness, very little is moving.
The sky all around is stratified –
Morphing from red to blue.”

Wispy white clouds reflecting the rising sun

“Any clouds are wispy and white, reflecting the rising sun.
The sun has not yet risen above the distant mountain peaks.
Yet it feels so light and the surrounding  islands stand out clearly.”

The Rum Cuillin reflecting the rising sun

“Across the Passage of Tiree lie the Treshnish Isles and Mull.
To the distant south are the Paps of Jura
And to the north is the Rum Cuillin.”

A lone gull and the distant Paps of Jura

“There is only the occasional gull overhead.
Otherwise nothing else is moving.
In the stillness the sun is rising.”

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“Slowly the sun pokes its head above the distant Mainland peaks.
Even at this early hour it promises another glorious day.
Remember not to look directly towards the sun.
Even at this hour it can be blinding!”

“The Memorial in Pier Road is silhouetted against the red sky.
Scarinish Post Office has its face towards the rising sun.
Gable-ends in Pier View reflect the glow.
What a morning!

With a change of tone the presenter continues,
“It has been a week of blue skies and surrounding seas.
Each evening we have enjoyed one of Tiree’s special sunsets.”

This is ‘Life on Tiree”.

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