Magnificent! Unbelievable!
On the Isle of Tiree you run out of superlatives.

With the full moon in a day’s time an expanse of sand at low tide

It is so refreshing to have visitors to stay.
It is interesting to see the island through their eyes.
It is enlightening to hear their comments about Tiree.

Magnificent Gott Bay

We had various responsibilities in the afternoon.
So, in the morning we made the most of the time available.
First of all we stopped at Gott Bay to photograph the postboxes.

One of the 2 postboxes at Gott Bay

With a full moon only a day away it was a low tide.
It was impressive the vast expanse of sand that lay exposed.
What struck our guests was how white the shell sand appeared.

Secluded house and beach at Vaul

The island is shaped like a lamb chop.
Gott, Vaul and Salem lie on the shank bone.
This is the narrowest point, less than a mile wide.

Vaul Beach

There was no time to visit the Vaul broch.
The Western Isles were shrouded in the heat mist.
Nevertheless Vaul itself was impressive with its sandy beach.

Returning to Gott Bay we had to stop once again.
On the edge of the beach were some cattle.
There were a number of cows and calves.

Cattle at Gott Bay

Then it was a short drive to Salum
Sadly we could not do do the location justice.
Once again our friends were suitably impressed.

Looking across Salum beach towards Ceann Mòr

So many beaches and everyone different.
They all had sand washed by azure blue sea.
Yet each beach has its own distinctive character.

Machair coming into bloom at Ruaig

So we returned to Scarinish intoxicated with what we had seen.
Once again we were blessed with blue sky and a few clouds.
The morning’s gentle breeze dropped in the afternoon.

Our afternoon’s responsibilities took us to Baugh.
So one of our guests took to exploring the stunning beach at Baugh.
He returned from his walk with photographic evidence of his explorations.

Hjalmar Bjørge anchored in Gott Bay

It is not just the beaches and the scenery that are intoxicating.
It is the fact you don’t know what you will see next.
Early evening it was a boat anchored in Gott Bay.
It turned out to be the Hjalmar Bjørge.
A small cruise ship based in Oban.

Hjalmar Bjørge and MV Clansman in Oban Bay

We had an appointment at the pier.
A regular visitor to the island was leaving on Tuesday evening.
The pier is a place to extend a warm welcome and to say goodbye.

New found friends say goodbye

Vessels that normally cross paths in Oban met this evening in Gott Bay
Hjalmar Bjørge and the MV Clansman both enjoyed the sunshine.
What an evening for a cruise back to Oban!

Hjalmar Bjørge and MV Clansman in Gott Bay Tiree

Xemetman, who is passionate about weather, reports
“Tiree is the place to go if you want to top up your tan this month.
In the first eight days they’ve already got a ton up with 113.2 hours of sunshine,
which is a daily average of 14.1 hours,
and almost 90% of the maximum possible.
Yesterday at Tiree, they cracked the 15 hours of sunshine in a single day mark,
and will no doubt do it again today.”
His forecast was accurate
the following day we had 15.1 hours of sunshine.

The MV Clansman berths at the Sunshine Isle.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ reporting from the ‘Sunshine Isle’.
We may not be the warmest but we are the place to top up your tan.