When Visitors Come

We enjoy having visitors.
We enjoy showing them around the island.
There are simply so many natural attractions..
In fact it is hard to squeeze everything into one week.

Our visitors climbed to the top of Ben Hynish

Our last visitors climbed the giddy heights of Ben Hynish.
We managed to cross over to the island of Soa.
We watched the Clansman in Gunna Sound
They explored the Skerryvore Museum.
They met with the church family.
We walked various beaches.
And so much more.

The MV Clansman enters the Gunna Sound after sailing across from Barra

. . . When visitors come . . .
A warm welcome is so important.
The church family certainly gave them that.
In so many places around the island they were welcomed.

Chocolates and Charms – Tiree’s Tardis

Having heard of Chocolates and Charms a visit was a must.
The shop may be small but it holds so much.
Then there is the Coffee and Cakes.

One evening we all dined out at Ceabhar.
What a welcome they received from our host.
And they were suitably impressed by the food we enjoyed.

For Life on Tiree this appears to be the year for visitors.
What a treat is in store for them here on the Isle of Tiree.
Even for visitors who twitch at the sight and sound of a bird.

A colourful visitor at Hynish