Nae Problem!

With the wind forecast to gust up to 51mph
the decision was made to operate to a revised timetable
with the Coll/Tiree sailing departing Oban at 8:45am instead of 7:15am.

With the wind speed rising the waves crash on the rocks at Scarinish

Throughout the morning the wind had been steadily rising.
The wind peaked between 10:00am and 11:00am
At that point the gusts were 52mph.

The MV Clansman in the Passage of Tiree

The ferry did not attempt to berth at Coll on its first visit.
The decision was made to sail directly to Tiree
resulting in a further change to timings.

The MV Clansman in Gott Bay

When the ferry berthed at Tiree at 12:09pm the wind was dropping..
However, gusts were still over 40mph – probably about 43mph.
This proved to be no problem for the vessel.

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Vessels have to turn through 180° in order to berth at the linkspan.
With the SSE wind the Clansman had a pronounced cant to starboard.

The MV Clansman drawing alongside the pier

It was a case of slow and steady – bringing the bow in first.
The bow ropes were thrown and caught.
Then the stern was brought in.
Nae problem!

With the ferry failing to berth at Coll it involved extra traffic movements.
For example the MacKinnon truck had to be off loaded and reloaded.
Understandably there was no gangway on this occasion.
Foot passengers had to use the car-deck ramp.

MacKinnon Haulage – bound for Coll

The MV Clansman eventually departed for Coll at 12:46pm.
The sailing was now back on its revised timing.
Thankfully the ferry berthed at Coll.

The ramp is raised and the vessel prepared for sea

Nae Problem!
Once again the MV Clansman proved more than capable.
Once again skipper, crew and pier staff coped with the difficult conditions

The vessel secured – awaiting the ropes to be cast

In the sail up the Passage of Tiree the vessel runs with the swell.
However the Clansman runs into the swell leaving the bay.
The Passengers would certainly know they were at sea.

It is difficult to think the difference 12 hours make.
The evening before we were treated to a Tiree Sunset.
But then – this is ‘Life on Tiree’ – enjoying sunshine and storm.

Sunday’s sunset over Gott Bay

Enjoying the uplift!

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.