Roamin’ in the Gloamin’

This morning we welcomed some new guests off the ferry.
After lunch we took them on an introductory tour of the island.
With the sky blue the waters surrounding the island were transformed.
The abundant shell sand makes the water azure blue and the beaches white.

This evening we wanted try and catch the sunset.
So we went roamin’ in the gloamin’ to Vaul.
Not quite as romantic as the song suggests.
My lassie was not by my side!

Sadly the neighbouring islands were hidden by low cloud on the horizon.
Normally at Vaul we see some of the Outer Hebrides and Small Isles.
Nevertheless we did catch the sunset.

It was not the most dramatic of sunsets.
What was apparent was the sense of the gloamin’.
It is still over a month to the day with the longest hours of daylight.

The Gloamin’

It was gone 10:00pm when we started to make our way back home.
There was still someone walking their dog along Gott Bay.
And we could easily have driven without any lights.
(We did have them switched on!)

Sea and Sky transformed

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.