A Wee Reminder

The day began with bright, warm sunshine.
However, early in the afternoon the rain arrived.
It is welcomed by crofters and farmers for the grass is slow growing.

The view of the approaching sunset from Pier Road, Scarinish, Isle of Tiree

In the past weeks there has been the occasional shower.
However, for the most part we have enjoyed blue skies.
So a wee reminder of Monday evening’s sunset.

The sun setting behind Deobedal, Pier Road, Scarinish.

Our west facing living-room window alerts us to the approaching sunset.
Sometimes we will head further afield to see the sun set.
More often than not we head down to the pier.

A tropical feel

Later in the year the art structure ‘An Turas’ (The Journey) frames the setting sun.
Some palms opposite the CalMac Office give the sky a tropical feel.
The temperature reflects a desert chill.

The clouds ensure an earlier than advertised sunset

Clouds just above the horizon ensure an earlier than advertised sunset.
In their own way the clouds provide some definition.
Not spectacular but the sky is eye pleasing.

Any moment now the sun will disappear.

The calm waters of Gott Bay are like a giant mirror.
Soon they will reflect the gloaming’.
For a few moments they glow.

The sun has set and the waters of Gott Bay are transformed

A Wee Reminder of Monday’s Sunset.
This is ‘Life on Tiree’.