A New Day Dawns

Sunrise this morning on Tiree was at 4:54.
First-light, however, was considerably earlier.
The previous evening the gloaming continued long after sunset.
It is quite a thought. – The longest hours of daylight are still 4 weeks away.

First Light over Gott Bay

There was a stillness to the island as I slipped out of the house.
It certainly felt as if I had got up with the birds.
They were most certainly not asleep.
The dawn chorus was a delight.

The clouds temporarily masking the sunrise

I made my way towards the memorial in Pier Road.
The sun rises in the east over the Isle of Mull.
And I wanted a clear vantage point.

Red and yellow the colours of the approaching sunrise

The sun had not yet risen but already the clouds had a pink tinge.
In the distant east the sky was awash with dawn colours.
There were shades of blue, red and yellow.

The sun’s globe finds a break in the clouds

Slowly, slowly, the sun began to rise above the morning clouds.
As the sun rose the surrounding sky was transformed.
It was more special than the previous sunset.

Looking from Scarinish and across Gott Bay

Who knows what each new dawn will bring with it.
Who knows what joys or sorrows the day holds.
Yet every dawn serves as a reminder.
Each dawn points to a new age.

The sun has risen and ushered in a new day

Peter, the big fishermen, speaks as an eye-witness,
of a sure and certain hope in Jesus,
“We were not making up clever stories
when we told you about
the powerful coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We saw his majestic splendour with our own eyes.”

Each dawn is a reminder of a new age to come

The ‘big fisherman’ continues,
“Because of that experience,
we have even greater confidence
in the message proclaimed by the prophets.
You must pay close attention to what they wrote,
for their words are like a lamp
shining in a dark place — until the Day dawns,
and Christ the Morning Star shines in your hearts.”

The view from Pier View, just off Pier Road

In a recent post someone quoted in Scottish Gaelic
‘gus an bris an latha
is an teich na sgailean’
This is from the Bible, Song of Songs chapter  2 and verse 17.
‘Until the day break, and the shadows flee away.’

The cross topping Tiree’s Memorial

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.