One Of These Evenings

It was one of these evenings
when you wanted to linger outdoors
and stay and watch the ever changing sky.

Yellow Iris against the backdrop of the setting sun

You were hesitant to go indoors
as the sky morphed from blue to almost black
by going through all the colours of the setting sun.

Scarinish Old Harbour on Friday evening – after sunset

On Friday and Saturday we had letter-box sunsets.
On both evenings clouds began to form in the west.
The sunset could only be viewed through a slit in the clouds.

A ‘letterbox sunset’ yet a clear view north to the island of Rum

After a bright, warm and sunny Sunday the sky looked promising.
As the evening wore on it looked like a sunset was guaranteed.
However, you can never tell – there are no guarantees.

Sunday evening and looking across the Passage of Tiree to Ben More on Mull

With the sky hinting at the approaching sunset we left home.
We made our way to the memorial in Pier Road.
Ben More to the East was changing colour.
The Passage of Tiree was so clear.

The outline of the memorial set against the setting sun

Turning round and looking west the memorial was a silhouette.
At this point the sun was still relatively high in the sky.
But it was dropping fast towards the horizon.

An Turas – a journey into the island land and seascape

On the way to Gott Bay and the pier we stopped at An Turas.
An Turas means ‘the journey and provides a window on the island.
Open to the sky above it was channelling the colourful rays of the setting sun.

A vision of a warmer clime

On the opposite side of the road
in a garden are some stunted palm trees.
and the view of the setting sun through then
almost transported you to more distant warmer shores.

The Pier Office

Even the Pier Office windows took on the colours of the setting sun.
For by now the sun was almost on the horizon.
The clouds were just right this evening —
‘not too many and not too thick’.

The waters of Gott Bay

As the sun dropped lower and lower the sky was so impressive.
The setting sun was reflected by the waters of Gott Bay.
Gulls were swooping and swirling over the water.
It was as if they were enjoying the scene too.

The drama of sunset

What a colourful backdrop for the yellow of the iris.
The iris are opening up all over the island.
What colour they bring with them.

Yellow Iris and all the colours of the sunset

With the sun below the horizon the drama continued.
It seemed as it the light show was almost unending.
North, South, East and West took on its hues.

More north than west – the sky over the pier

As we hesitantly made our way back towards home
we became aware that we were not alone in capturing the scene
yet you felt no camera could truly or accurately capture the mood.

Sadly we cannot offer any guarantees to visitors.
Sunsets cannot be order on demand.
This was just one of these evenings.

No wonder the urge to linger outside.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.

Goodnight from Life on Tiree