One Evening When

One evening when we had to cross the island to Sandaig
we met a couple taking the family out for a stroll.
In fact it was an evening for promenading.
We met 3 couples with their youngsters.

This way chaps! – Taking the young ones for a wander.

The start of the metrological summer on Tiree has been mixed.
We have in true British style had a mixed bag of weather.
There has been sunshine and showers.
It has been pleasantly warm.

Early morning clouds have generally been followed by blue skies.
Some evenings the clouds have returned to dominate.
For the crofters there has been some rainfall.

Tuesday evening – Glebe House and Gott Bay

After Monday’s exceptional sunset Tuesday’s did not materialise.
Nevertheless Gott Bay still evidenced the setting of the sun.
It’s evening and a fishing boat is alongside the pier.

Fishing boat Venus

On Thursday evening it was more of a ‘letter-box’ sunset.
What was special was the fiery cloud formation.
The water likewise was lit up.

It was on Friday evening we met the promenaders.
Our return journey brought us along the north coast.
As we travelled from west to the east the setting sun followed us.
Arriving at Gott Bay the Passage of Tiree was reflecting the setting sun.

Gott Bay, The Passage of Tiree and Ben More

We had resisted the temptation to stop on the way home to watch the sunset.
How could we go indoors when there was every evidence of a grand sunset?
So we drove straight down to the Pier to watch the sun set.

Still high in the sky – but look at what was on offer

Watch the sun go down as we look back on the memory.
Yet another of Tiree’s Special Sunsets.

Finally, the sun drops below the horizon.
But the light show continues.

The light show continues – and will last for about 30 minutes at least

Once again the sea and sand are transformed by the fiery glow.
We are so glad we decided not to go indoors.
It fills you with a sense of wonder.

Sea and sand transformed

It is not dark yet and will not be for some considerable time.
This is the time of year to stay out and enjoy the gloamin’.
And look!  The moon is high in the sky.
The clouds are like laser lights.

The moon is high in the sky over Tiree

Once again the clouds take on the colours of the setting sun.
No mater which way you look the clouds are so colourful.

Colourful clouds over the Passage of Tiree

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.
Just wondering what this evening has in store.

‘Life on Tiree’