Full Steam Ahead

“There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip.”
In other words, “Will the ‘PS Waverley’ sail as advertised from Tiree?”
After last year’s cruise into the Gunna Sound the decision had been made.
If possible we would like to sail from Tiree to Oban on board the Waverley.

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With grey clouds and a glimmer of blue sky, the start to the day was not the brightest.
Indeed the arrival of the daily ferry had been accompanied by a berthing shower.
However, as the ‘Waverley’ arrived in Gott Bay the sun was breaking through.

Te PS Waverley alongside Tiree’s Pier

We watched the ‘Waverley’ enter Gott Bay and berth at the pier.
Then it was off along the shore of Gott Bay towards Caolas.
First stop a photo opportunity at Gott Bay.

The PS Waverley from the Post Box at Gott – Tiree’s Post-boxes are rarely straight up and down.

The next stop was Caolas to photograph the ‘Waverley’ in the Gunna Sound.
The Gunna Sound is the channel separating the islands of Coll and Tiree.
It is the sound leading from the Passage of Tiree to the Little Minch.

The ‘Waverley in the Gunna Sound – Mouse-over for captions.

The ‘Waverley’ does not hang around, so it was a straight back to the pier at Scarinish.
Thankfully there were not too many cars or sheep on the road.
It was our turn to board the ‘steamer’.

The ‘Waverley’ framed by the linkspan.

There was a right buzz about the pier.
It is not every day a paddle steamer berths at Tiree.
Parents were there to meet the school children who had been board.
Passengers who had spent an hour in Scarinish were back in good time.
We were thrilled to be travelling on the world’s last sea-going paddle-steamer.

There’s the sound of the paddles treading the water as she berths.
There’s the hiss of the steam from the capstan.
There’s the clanking of chains.
The ropes are thrown.

The bell codes are sent from the bridge to the engine-room.
The ropes are thrown and the ‘PS Waverley’ backs away from the pier.
After turning in Gott Bay it is ‘Full Steam Ahead’ bound for Tobermory and Oban.

A last look back towards the pier.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ full steam ahead for Oban.
 Watch out for Part Two.

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