Bed and Breakfast had been booked in Oban.
It was important that we had a contingency plan.
Thankfully the PS Waverley’s advertised sailing took place.
There was no need to resort to PLAN B – travel from Tiree to Oban by the ferry.

Our arrival at Oban’s North Pier was just after 7:30pm.
It was turning out to be a beautiful evening.
You wanted to be out enjoying it.

The PS Waverley alongside Oban’s North Pier.

When on the Mainland you need to make the most of your visit.
We had less than 20 hours before sailing back to our home  on Tiree.
Later that evening we made a quick trip to one of Oban’s supermarkets.

The PS Waverley reflecting the evening sunshine.

As we made our way back to our accommodation we were forced to stop.
Oban Bay was being transformed by a most colourful sunset.
Mobile phones were being used as cameras.
Camera’s were poised on tripods.
It was dramatic.

The MV Clansman arrives in Oban Bay with the setting sun

Oban is crowned by the folly known as  McCaig’s Tower.
Surrounded by mountains, Oban and its bay sit in a natural amphitheatre.
On this occasion it was as if the spotlight was on the various ships in the bay.

The PS Waverley and the MV Clansman

There were additional ship movements.
The MV Isle of Lewis was delayed due to a funeral service in Barra.
This resulted in the MV Clansman having to temporarily move off its berth.

The MV Isle of Lewis approaches its berth

The Isle of Lewis made a quick turn around.
For passengers it would mean arriving in Barra in the early hours.
The berth vacated the MV Clansman once again approached the linkspan.

The MV Clansman approaches the pier and linkspan.

The Paddle Steamer Waverley looks so small in this particular setting.
Yet for its 70 years of age it has a remarkable turn of speed.
It was a great excursion enriched by the sunset.

The MV Clansman in a dramatic Oban Bay

The following day we would continue to make the most of our time in Oban.
Then at 3:00pm we would be aboard the MV Clansman bound for Tiree.
For this evening we would rest content after a memorable day.

A last look back on the sunset before heading to to bed

This is ‘Life on Tiree’ on an excursion to Oban.
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