It’s Friday morning.
The ferry arrives early at 9:35am
It sails direct from Oban without visiting Coll.
As well as the MV Clansman there is a small craft in the bay.

North West Marine Vessel

The vessel does not come alongside the pier.
Instead it lies off in the bay to the West of the pier.
No name is discernible but it belongs to North West Marine.
It creates feelings of curiosity! “Why is it here just off the pier?”


Shortly after another vessel arrives in Gott Bay with the name ‘Headcorn’.
It is registered in Glasgow and it also belongs to North West Marine.
Research reveals that North West Marine is based in Oban.
They are specialist in installing moorings.

Teamwork as the two vessels working partnership

Further research reveals that the first craft is probably ‘Multicat’.
At last the picture is becoming much clearer.
They are not here to work on the pier.
They are installing moorings.

Heavy chains being moved from one vessel to the other.

Plans have been drawn up to install moorings in Gott Bay.
This was the plan being put into action.
Curiosity is satisfied!

Evidence of a work under way

Later in the afternoon ropes appeared in the bay.
These ropes would appear to indicate the location of the moorings.
Tiree looks forward to welcoming those who will make use of the moorings.

View from the former pier in Gott Bay

 North West Marine certainly chose well the day to work in the bay.
The sky was blue, the air pleasantly warm and the sea almost flat calm.
Those sailing to Tiree to make use of the moorings will hope for such conditions.

Scarinish looking across the Passage of Tiree to the Isle of Mull

Life on Tiree on a warm, sunny June day.