Simply Sunset

The saying is ‘A Shepherd’s Delight’.
A delight it was, but it did not herald sunny weather.
Rather the following day turned out sultry and thundery.

Sunset on the sand in Gott Bay by the pier

Our home is close to the pier so it is natural to watch the sunset from there.
For a slight variation I first crossed the fields and onto the beach.
The Machair was lit up by the setting sun.

A sea of golden yellow

As the camera saw the sunset it went from chocolate to purple.
Oyster catchers were screeching over head.
They came to rest on ‘orange rocks’.

The golden touch was reflected on Tiree’s white covered buildings.

The rear of a building in Pier Road photographed from the field

Even the approach to the pier was transformed by the setting sun.

The transformed pier approach and Gott Bay

Simply Sunset – but there is nothing simple about it.

For starters – chocolate
Dark Chocolate

Neighbouring islands appear so close.
The sunset is in the west but all around the sky changes colour.

No matter which way you look the setting sun casts its glow.

Tiree Lodge Hotel and a dramatic sky

The sky morphs from one shade to another.
At one point there are so many different varieties.

Gott Bay

The pier is backlit even although we are looking north.


The pier backlit

An Turas (The Journey) is a window on the setting sun.

An Turas – The Journey

Walking up Pier Road purple is the dominant colour.

Looking across from Pier Road

The Manse and Glebe House is in a purple domain.

The Mane and Glebe House

It is hard to go inside on an evening like this.
Even between the houses the sky is eye-catching.

The sky from Pier View, Scarinish

Even the windows of our home reflect the setting sun.

The setting sun reflected on the north facing window.

This is ‘Life on Tiree’.