Summer Breaks Out

It appears Perverse
May was the month of summer weather.
Yet the moment visitors arrive the weather changes.
For a whole week the sun did not break through the clouds.
Then as soon as they leave on the ferry the sun breaks through.

The MV Clansman in Gott Bay as the clouds begin to thin.

For two days summer returns
It is pleasantly warm in the sunshine.
How different from the oppressive heat of the south.

With blue sky the plane has no problem in landing at Tiree Airport

With good visibility the daily plane has no problem in landing.
Recently several scheduled flights have been cancelled.
Low clouds and mist have been the culprits.

This year our feathered friends have given us great pleasure.
There is at least one meadow pipit that thinks it is a spitfire.
It goes into aerial combat with the rock doves.
I sometimes think they are all too well fed!
Little wonder rain or shine they visit us.

We have always had to cut the grass.
However we have never had to mow the lawn.
On Tiree our grass blends in with our surroundings.
We don’t have to travel far to enjoy flowers, cultivated and natural.

The first yacht to use the new moorings in Gott Bay

The sun has brought with it the first yacht to the new moorings.
There are ten brand new moorings in Gott Bay.
The hope is that they will be well used.

Down by the old harbour at Scarinish – a dramatic sky.

With the clouds and mist in retreat neighbouring islands appear so close.
It is hard to take in that some are over fifty miles distant.
At times the Isle of Rum appears part of Tiree.
Yet, in between is the Isle of Coll!

Living close to Gott Bay, the pier is a first port of call to catch sunsets.
It was natural after the sun to hope for a stunning sunset.
When it came it was no disappointment.

Sunset on the sand in Gott Bay by the pier

Art has never been a strong point.
Perhaps it has something to with school.
Or perhaps I was never given an artistic gene.
However I do appreciate nature’s palette seen in sunsets.
In this respect I was recently accused of being a romantic.

The sun has set and sky and sea are transformed

Today the darkening sky look rather ominous.
The first drops of rain can be heard on the windows.
As the ferry arrives with our next visitor the rain starts on earnest.
But! This is Life on Tiree!