The Art of Flight

It was an illustration of the art of flight.
Our walk along Gott Bay was a vivid demonstration.
The birds overhead scored higher than the kite surfers in the water.

Something of the expanse that is Gott Bay

Gott Bay contains Tiree’s Big Beach.
In Gaelic the beach is known as Tràigh Mhòr.
The afternoon’s low tide emphasised the sheer expanse of sand.

Looking across the beach towards Brock

Out in the water of the bay the kite surfers caught our attention.
Some seemed to have truly mastered the art.
Others appeared to be learning.

We headed off across the beach towards the island of Soa.
Although towards low tide we still could not cross over.
It was great just to be out and enjoying the sun.

Looking towards Soa and even further towards the Isle of Mull

We were riveted by the noise and the sight of sea many sea-birds
Soa and the neighbouring small islands are nesting grounds.
It was surely a demonstration of the art of flying.

A lesson in the art of flight

The Red Arrows  Team are to be admired for their flight skills.
However the ‘White Darts’ surpass them in such skills.
And it cost nothing to watch them in action.

Double-click for larger pictures of the ‘White Darts’ in action

Having in mind to visit Vaul we made our way back across the beach.
From Ruaig you look directly across the bay towards Scarinish.
The telephoto lens draws it much closer.
You can almost see our home!

Looking across to Scarinish and in the distance Ben Hynish and the Golf Ball

The sun was dancing on the waters of the bay.
What a privilege to live in such stimulating surroundings.
What a privilege to be able to witness first hand the amazing art of flight.

Across the Bay and in the distance Ben Hough

This is’ Life on Tiree’ appreciating the ‘Art of Flight’
When it comes to the birds this is art taken to another level.

A Kite Surfer in silhouette on the bay’s dancing waters